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Easily collaborate by placing notes directly on web pages with DoneNote - a convenient tool for teamwork.

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How It Works

Step 1

the extension

To quickly access DoneNote, click on the Extensions menu and select the option to pin the extension. This will allow you to launch DoneNote with just one click.

Step 2

Click on the
extension icon
while on any site

Use the menu to manage the workspace and click anywhere you want to leave a note on your website.

Step 3

Leaves notes ->

Easily share a comments with your team by using the "Share Link" feature, available with just one click in the workspace.

Tariff plans

Try our app, DoneNote, for free for 30 days! During this trial period, you'll have full access to all of our products and features.

Free Plan

Limited plan

$0/per month

Up to one share links

Unlimited Comments

Lifetime For Free

30 days Free trial

Pro Plan


$7/per month

Unlimited Comments

Unlimited Websites

Collaborative Workspace

30 days Free trial


For agencies & companies

Team Plan

Collaborative workspace

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Symbols

30 days Free Trial

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